State Insurance

We take medicaid insurance only. In the state of Wisconsin that will be Badger Care Plus. Please obtain a copy of your Forward Health Card as soon as possible if you don't have it already because we will need it for your file. If you do not have your Forward Health Card, don't worry. We will assist you in obtaining one through member services or the portal. 

          Currently Pregnant?

Clients who enroll in Prenatal Care Coordination (PNCC) Services must currently be pregnancy at the time of sign up. Please try to have a proof of pregnancy available for enrollment, if not we can assist you in obtaining a proof of pregnancy. This can be in the form of an ultrasound, or pregnancy statement from the doctor or clinic.

           Have a New Born?

If you have already given birth to your baby, don't worry, If your baby is 2 months or less, you are still eligible for Child Care Coordination Services which is Family Care. We assist both parents as well as children with making sure all appointments are up to date, employment opportunities, resources, certification programs, etc. 

  Can we work with minors?

     Can we work with other                household members?

We can work with women of all ages. If you are a minor you will have to get consent from a parent or guardian to participate in our program. 

We also can work with household members as long as the qualifying member is actively participating. We can assist your child's father and other household members on goals that will benefit the family as a whole. 

         Transfer From Another Agency

Child Care Coordination is available to you until your child turns 7 years old. If you were with another agency and wanted to switch over to New Life, you will most certainly be able to. We will have a copy of your previous file sent over, then we will be the agency that continues your services. 

    Can I Have More Than One                         Agency?

Unfortunately, the state of Wisconsin only allows one agency to handle your case at a time. It is month to month and you are able to switch to another agency at any time, but you can only have one at a time. Ask your Care Coordinator for more info or call our office and we will be more than happy to answer any questions. 


To qualify for our free CBRF courses you must first participate in our 4 series employment workshop classes. 

Employment Courses are offered weekly in a sequence. We provide Transportation and Childcare during employment and CBRf training courses. 

If you are unsure if you qualify for our services, give us a call:  


We do offer CBRF courses to non-participants at a discounted rate. Give us a call to inquire! 

Services Offered